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Birth of a Child

Congratulations! You are expecting the birth of a child. In just a matter of months your life will change in ways you can’t possibly predict or understand right now. But what you can do is plan and prepare for the big day and beyond. Here are tools and resources to help you do that.

What to Expect
While this may be the first time you have had a child, the good news is that women have been having babies for millennia. To help you navigate your way and answer questions about health, wellness or anything else pregnancy-related, check out the What to Expect When You’re Expecting Website. It’s rich with information and has a well-established community.

Naming Your Baby
Which baby names are trending right now? What is the meaning of the name you’re thinking of choosing for your son or daughter? Find out here:

Making Your Home Safe for Little Ones
You never noticed how many sharp corners and potential for danger existed in your home until you bring a baby into your environment. Watch this video for practical tips on how to baby-proof your home.

Family Medical Leave Act
Many employers have policies to guide employees who are expecting a child. Policies may cover time off after birth, medical benefits, etc., for both the mother and the father. In addition to your employer’s policies, you may be eligible for additional benefits under the Federal Family Medical Leave Act. Make sure to review the benefits covered by this program.

Money Mistakes to Avoid
Finances are a significant consideration when children enter the picture. Here’s a list of financial mistakes new parents should avoid.

The Financial Basics of Having a Baby
What does having a baby cost? How can you make your income go farther and last longer? Here are several tools and articles to help you answer these and other important financial questions.

Writing a Will
Having a child greatly increases the need for a will. In addition to allocating your wealth, you will want to write clear instructions for the caring of you child in the event something happens to you while the child is still a minor.

Gifting the Grandchildren
Grandchildren are a wonderful gift to grandparents, and many times the grandparents would like to return the favor in the form of financial giving to the grandchildren. This article provides information on how to give wisely and within Federal regulations.