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Financial Planning for All of Life's Seasons

No matter where you are in life, we can help you plan for tomorrow. 

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Encompassing Your Financial Future

For more than 60 years*, Northeast Planning Associates, Inc. has assisted clients with financial services and insurance strategies.  Working with individuals, families, and business owners, we provide our clients access to a full range of financial planning and investment services. 

Our team understands the complexities of business and personal financial planning and our top priority is always to help enhance the lives and financial future of those with whom we work.  We create a plan or strategy designed to address both short term and long term goals, and then adjust as necessary when life changes or market fluctuations require a direction change. 

We believe in long-term relationships built around trust and honest, open communication.  We are a resource for our clients and their families, whether recommending a financial path, or simply answering a pressing question or providing a referral to a local professional, such as a CPA or attorney.  

No matter what season of life you find yourself in, we are here to help. 

*Northeast Planning Associates’ roots go back more than 60 years to our insurance agency founded in 1959.  We became a Registered Investment Adviser in 2004.

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Zachary has nearly ten years of financial planning experience, working with clients locally in Falmouth, ME and throughout New England.

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How We Help

Building a financial plan or strategy is a process that begins with understanding your current situation and learning your plans and goals.

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Zachary's client service team has the knowledge and experience to help put together your financial plan or strategy and maintain it as life changes occur. 

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Our Resource Center features videos and articles about investments, tax strategies, and much more.

The Power of Tax-Deferred Growth

The Power of Tax-Deferred Growth

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Traditional vs. Roth IRA

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Ready for Retirement?

Are you ready for retirement? Here are five words you should consider.

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